Please explain why white won this game!

Sorry, I’ve been playing for less than a week.

Please explain to me why white won this game!
Black owned most of the board, yet white got 110 points?

Someone selected all of the black stones as dead, the result should be black winning by 18 points. I think you can ask for a moderator to annul the game

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What does “someone selected” mean? How can they do it?

I don’t care that I lost. It’s one out 500 games I lost in a week. THAT makes no difference to me. But how is it possible? Someone hacked the site?

You have to manually mark dead stones, so both players can do it. You must have agreed to the score at some point. Your opponent might have made an honest mistake (not very likely but not impossible) or made a successful attempt of score cheating. You should report the game.


Oooh! I understand!

I wasn’t aware of this function.

But no it doesn’t matter to me, honest or not. I actually think he made me win on purpose. Funny!

Thank you!

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Please, report games with wrong assessment as this is good for the whole OGS community. Thank you.


It has been annulled.

Please note that marking the stones dead/alive correctly is the job of the players. :slight_smile: Both can change it (just click on the stones), it’s not hacking, it’s an agreement between your opponent and yourself.
And don’t agree if the marks are wrong XD


Hey, I had another incident like that. Both players don’t quite understand how it happened.

I guess I need to understand how this feature works.

I originally thought that was White not knowing to flip the status of White’s stones
back to alive, but I now notice ​ “I am not accepting it. And if I did, it’d be annuled”
in the chat from White, and the messages further down from White.

My guess is the same as yours. ​ ​ ​ Hopefully a mod will check some-time this year. ​ :slight_smile:

A little unfair given the game linked earlier in this thread was annulled within a day of being reported…

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(I was going to say “week”, but that could’ve been quite soon depending on when one
regards it as ending - in my timezone, tomorrow is Friday - and the situation would be even
worse for “month”: ​ In my timezone, tomorrow is unambiguously the last day of the month.)

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The fastest way to counteract a score cheater is to click the autoscore button, which will reset the AI scoring. Please read the documentation about scoring: The game view and playing games · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub

You can report a violator by clicking on their name and clicking the red Report button.

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Thank you! I read it now.

But what happened in this case was that I saw that the score was wrong and told my opponent. Then the score turned normal, I clicked “accept” and it was suddenly wrong again. I presume that my opponent was changing it back and forth and changed it back to wrong a split second before I clicked accept.

Again, the score doesn’t matter to me. But this time it is not incorrect because I’ve made a mistake and accepted it. It was correct when I was about to click/clicking.

There is no problem. I remain a satisfied member of OGS.

Yes, the scenario you describe, where you click accept just as the cheater is changing the score, does happen moderately often.

I doubt that my opponent intended to cheat. You can see from the chat that they were perplexed by the incorrect score.

In the unlikely scenario that I will reach any kind of competitive level, it might start mattering. At this stage I just found it peculiar.

The goal of the game is to get more. It’s not to win a battle of clicks at the end of the game. There is some tolerance with newcomers but it’s still advised to report to moderation who are experienced into explaining and help to pass through these first steps.