Please fix bug in scoring NZ rules

In new Zealand rules with integer komi, if both sides have the same score at the end, the result of the game is draw or jigo. OGS arbitrarily gives one player a win, this is a bug which needs to be fixed please.


Yeah this is a known issue, OGS can’t score games as ties even if their are played with NZ rules or custom komi. I think it’s always been like that, maybe it would be a good time to finally fix ir. Right, @anoek?

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But that particular one WAS fixed. Before, it was B+0, now it’s W+0. :smiley:

By the way… it seems to count as an actual loss (as opposed to just an annoying red bar showing x+0 when it should be, say, a grey bar showing Jigo).

How would this work in a multi-round tournament with NZ rules? If the problem is going to be fixed then I’m thinking NZ rules would need to be removed as an option from tournament creation.

Allow for rematches in case of draw maybe?

It would work exactly the same way it has worked in chess tournaments for the last 150 years. You score 1 point for a win, half a point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

This works for Swiss-style tournaments and all-play-all tournaments.

The only “problem” is with knock-out tournaments, when each knockout round is decided by just one game; but they suck anyway.

Unlike in chess, we should give 5 points for achieving a jigo

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