Please fix the connection issues!

This is very very annoying. First I thought it was my internet connection. But then I noticed I could access ANY website, including ogs, but if I tried to access the game I was playing it would say it couldn’t connect (red warning in the top). I also tried to quickly switch to my 4g hotspot, which works pretty well, and had the exact same problem. So it was the OGS servers.

I’m referring to this game:

It’s annoying because the game was basically over already =/… and this is not the first time it’s happened, however I always assumed it was my internet, only now I had enough proof to notice otherwise. Also, I never had any problem on Tygem, which should have made me notice even sooner it was OGS, but I guess I never did…

Sorry if this was already reported, hope this gets fixed asap, since it’s probably the worst issue with OGS right now.

My friend happened to be playing a game at the same time I was, and he just told me he had the same issue. So I guess the servers can’t hold so many users =/.

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