Please Fix the Login Form & Remember Me!

I seem to lose my login session frequently and have to log in every other day. The login form is also non-standard so Google Chrome won’t remember your password and you have to enter your login details each time this happens. Lastly, there seems to be no “remember me” option that simply persists my session.

Please fix these!

Ah good catch on the login and password fields, I’ll get that fixed up.

If you’re getting logged out every couple of days though, that’s not us I’m afraid… are you clearing cookies by chance? That has the effect of logging you out of sites.

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No - I am not clearing cookies or anything. No other sites log me out, like this, and I only use one browser on each of two devices - one at work and one at home.

Quite often, the log-out is quite unexpected. Today, I was looking at my overview page, clicked on a game that showed that it was me to move. The game loaded. When I clicked to place the stone, I was punted to the login page.

could it be that you’re mixing using the secure and the nonsecure page?

How could I? I wasn’t typing in the board’s URI, I was clicking around the site?

EDIT: I checked my bookmark and I wasn’t using HTTPS. I have changed it, now, and will see if that solves the problem.

I am still regularly losing my login session and the login form still seems to be ignored by browser’s password storage features.

Has any progress been made?

Could you possibly call the browsers name and the current version?

I’m using Google Chrome on the stable channel - this has happened with every version since my original post. I think I’m on version 39 now.

This is odd. I use Chrome (currently version 39.0.2171.13 beta (64-bit)), and have used Chrome for the past three years I think, so I’ve used it since I am on the new OGS, and this has NEVER happened to me.

Just to register that this happens for me in Chromium under Arch Linux.

I’m currently using Chromium 39.0.2171.71 to access OGS, and usually run it in the app/kiosk mode (chromium --app=, but this happens in ‘normal’ mode as well.

I just tried this in the latest version of Chromium with a fresh profile, and it did not offer to save my password, or keep the session when I closed the browser and reopened the site.

EDIT: And now, predictably, I’ve found that it has started keeping the session between instances of Chromium. I have no idea what I changed, or what I did differently. All I know is that it now seems to be working, although it didn’t offer to remember my password.

I’m getting this too!

Perhaps at least once a week I’m being logged out and because Chrome somehow has not remembered my login details I have to dig out my password.

I have no other problems on any other site - only new OGS.

I’m always using the latest Chrome. This happens on Firefox too.

No I’m not clearing cookies and I can confirm that like StephenM - just now I was playing some games, it was my turn on a game, I clicked to navigate to the game and was directed to the login page.

on the current version of the site we auto-log out users after a week or so… in the next version we have extended that time to near infinite.


Just to say that this has happened again 24.12.14

Yes - I am still experiencing this. Sometimes, I click a board on the home page and the game loads, then, as soon as I try to place a stone, it punts me to the login screen and I have to go hunt for usernames and passwords because the login screen is still not compliant with in-browser password storage.

PLEASE fix this!