*Please* give me the ability to disable sound

FTR I think there is a case to be made for storing a default setting on the server, effectively doing what ya’ll want, but then allowing the local settings to override these… and that may very well happen at some point, but I certainly want to get a few more core features done before thinking about ancillary things like this.

For now I would recommend just whitelisting the site, or dealing with the pita of updating your settings every time you visit the site.

@Tethys I do encourage you to rip apart our cookies and local storage blobs and verify we aren’t storing anything interesting in there, then once your satisfied we’re not some how harvesting your precious datas, white list us, and presto your problem will be solved :slight_smile: As mentioned above, doing server side default options may very well happen in the future, it’s not going to be in the immediate or near future.