Please give us chance to turn the chat off

I don’t see the problem.

The option to disable chat would be a feature for people that want to deactivate chat, so they don’t need to read/load the chat, and that other people know that they don’t read/load the chat.

Thinking “huh, rude” is already happening now, so I don’t see this as an argument.
Instead I see this a good solution for people like the poster- you can decide for yourself if it’s important to you and just disable it.

There are also reasons why someone wants to disable the chat:
If I want my little kid to play on OGS
If I want to play on my IZIS Go Board
If I just don’t want to talk to people

Wouldn’t it be nice if you play against someone who doesn’t want to chat to get a information that the other part has it disabled?

You’re discussing two things, whereas I was only discussing one of them.

On the first topic:

I agree it seems attractive to be able to disable chat, without entering Zen mode.

I wonder if this would be more like “minimising the chat window” rather than “disabling”. So you can pop it open when ever you want? Or do you want to be sure never to see that person’s chat?

There are so many little details about what the feature really should be :slight_smile:

On the second topic:

I’m concerned that if people were to see “your opponent has chat disabled” from time to time, they will assume that if they don’t see this then for sure their opponent is getting chat.

I don’t agree that it is a good idea to try to tell people this, unless we can tell them reliably - which we can’t.

Right now you know that you don’t know if the person is getting chat - you can’t tell, because there’s nothing telling you. That’s a better situation than an unreliable indicator.

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If they don’t want to be rude, they can just disable their chat.

actually, you are discussing two things, not me.
I just brought in the idea to disable the chat mode manually and why this would be a good idea - you started with “chat banned people” and "general information about ‘not receiving chat’, which have nothing to do with the solution itself.

The system can’t know if the opponent is receiving chat or not - that’s true - but it can know if the opponent disabled chat itself manually - which is good enough as solution with no drawbacks.

ps: IZIS players are the folks who play directly on an IZIS go board, connected to OGS. you have no chance to even see the chat on this thing.

Never heard of it. is run by OGS, highly recommend! (No chat there)


Reading these comments, it sounds like the request is more:

“I want to tell my opponent I don’t use chat”

Rather than

“I want to hide chat” (already possible in a number of ways)

Personally, I dont see much value of such a feature. There are so many reasons people don’t chat (chatban/unverified/don’t like it/didn’t see it) that I don’t see it as rude. And it seems like people prone to take offense may take offense at an automated message as well…


A child may need to play a competition on OGS, and at the same time his parents may not want him to receive messages by chat.

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Your solution still has the aforementioned issue that it would be “the exception that proves the rule” (that doesn’t exist) and hence misleading.

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Sounds to me as though your opponent did not understand time settings. That is their problem, and if it bothers you, say to yourself it is bothering them more! As you improve I do not think you will see this so often.