Please give us chance to turn the chat off

This is why. Thank you

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You can use Zen-Mode, the circled Z in the menu on the right.


Thank you for recommendation but i think it’s not really the same thing, i dont want to be seem disrespectful to other players

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Whose chat do you want to turn off?
Or is it turning chat off in general?
Or only for certain players?

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You can mute individual players (if it’s only a specific person who is the issue)

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Other players cannot see whether you have Zen mode enabled or not.


I think that Zen mode is still not the same as “disable chat”.

“block the player” is probably the best option.

Reporting someone hassling you to hurry up also does the community a favour - it’s not OK:

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 7.25.10 am


Note that KGS has this feature.


I wonder how you make friends with someone if you can’t talk to them? :face_with_monocle: :wink:

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You can communicate outside the go server, like IRL, or on a forum,…



in general

You said you don’t want to be rude. Have you thought about whether you want the other person to know or not? How would they know? Does this apply to all devices you’re using, all tabs you’re using …

… etc…

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I have to admit that when playing live games (which I prefer to do in Zen-Modus) I feel obliged to check every now and then to see if any comments have been made. I know I don’t have to do that but I don’t want to come accross as a rude person, I just want to concentrate on the game. Having a polite chat at the start or after the game suffices for me. Even an evaluation would be possible if I feel like it, but after the game has finished. Just like when playing IRL.
During correspondance games I don’t mind an occasional exchange of thoughts, as long as it is just that. So I think I can relate somewhat to @kutayc. I for one wouldn’t mind if the chat could be disabled between move 1 (or 2/3) and the final scoring in live games.
Fortunately however, I have not encountered many talkative opponants during live games. Likely due to the fact that I have not played many of them. But that might change soon :grin:


similar to Zen Mode, every IZIS board player can be seen as rude because one doesn’t see the chat when playing on the board.

an option to disable chat in the profile would really be nice (meaning the chat on your side locally won’t load) and an info is shown for the other player that the messages won’t be received.

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The problem here is that there are situations where messages won’t be received but the server doesn’t know (Zen mode) and situations where it’s not appropriate to tell the other player (chat banned person).

I think we would not want to show this info “in some situations but not others” => not at all.

Chat can also be overlooked by people on phones.

It’s simply a fact that you can’t know if your opponent is seeing your chat…

but Players that often play ZEN mode would have the option to disable their chat-option themselves (or IZIS players, or every player that doesn’t want to read the chat, like the topic creator)

also with the option you don’t need to differentiate between chatbanned people and people that disable the chat themselves - just the general information that chat is disabled for the other party.

I don’t understand this line of thought. Players who play zen mode have already acheived turning off chat, themselves.

What’s that?

I think my point wasn’t clear.

We can’t consistently give general information that chat is disabled for the other party. There are numerous reasons why your opponent may not be receiving your chat. It doesn’t make sense to try to tll you about this when we know that we can’t be sure ourselves.

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but we can give general information that the chat is disabled when the chat is disabled in the profile per option →
so other people won’t expect an answer when talking in chat.

And it’s everyone’s choice if they want to disable it - it doesn’t even matter why they want to disable it - let it be ZEN mode, IZIS, mobile phone, introverted players, or letting their small child play, or whatever reason they have.

… but then people will think that if they don’t see this information, then their opponent is receiving their chat. Then they will think “huh, rude” if the person doesn’t reply. When in fact maybe they simply didn’t see it.

There are times when we can’t show this information even if the opponent is not receiving chat.