Please help - I'm stuck between 15kyu - 13kyu

Please would someone review the following game:

I didn’t do very well and let everything die.

and another that was equally bad!

Here’s a review of the first game:

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Hello Opuss, thank you for the question. I recommend watching Dwyrin’s Back to Basics, that’s mainly how I jumped from 12 to 10 kyu, aside from learning from comments in Gokibitz.


Regarding the second game - you should take a brief look at the AI analysis result. The game was yours until move 154, where you botched a single tsumego. See AI’s suggested sequence - you kill black group and win.


Thanks for the review. Very helpful.

I’ve started to watch Dwyrin’s Basics series. A good suggestion!

GoKibitz is also a good site to get useful comments on games.

Yes. I suppose I should have looked at the game more positively even though I lost it.

To be less wrong, one must give up being most right. If one’s goal is to win, then one must become a sandbagger.

However, playing to improve is more fulfilling. There’s no reason to be afraid of losing - if you lost, then you have something to learn. Identify weaknesses and try to avoid them next time. Experimenting is very important instead of playing the same patterns, otherwise one won’t improve.