Please, I would like a review about this 5k game. Reduce and invade moyo mainly

Hello, sorry take your time.
I think the problem was that he played very slow and solid in the opening, compared to the opponent’s moyo. But I don’t have sure.

The san-san in the double wing formation was a good choice?
And after that, how to attack and reduce de moyo after move 27?

I’m White, thank you very much!

Normal opening, Black is playing a bit more defensive / solid than White.

Black plays tengen and claims a big moyo.

White goes for territory on the left side and Black for a large centre moyo.

White reduction feels like an overplay.

The Black tenuki (39) gives White an opportunity to start building something in the centre …
but White answers with a pincer (40) after which black walks into the centre (41).
40 is a big move, but sometimes big moves are not enough.
The series 27-41 was decisive.

White discovers that Black’s thickness in the centre makes it very difficult to create a living group there. White struggles for a few dozen more moves and resigns.
Instead of White K3 (40) he should have walked out of the centre and secure his stones.

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