Please, I would like a review for this 13k Game. ^^

Hello, everybody!!!
I have this game:

I was thinking that I was winning, but I lost by 10 points.
I think that I could win this game with one or other correct move that i don’t knew.
Can anyone make a review for me with my best mistakes or important moves, please?

Thank you a lot, sorry take your time!

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I looked over the first 30 moves real quick, and yeah, black seemed to be having a happy game. White kept starting joseki up, then abandoning them without making sufficiently large plays elsewhere. When I get home from work I’ll give it a proper look through and jot any notes I see.

As to having your count wrong, well, a 10.5 point loss to white means that there was a 4 point difference on the board. It’s hard to tell such a small margin without carefully counting all the groups, and if you forgot to count komi on top of it, that’d explain the surprise upset. :confused:


had some time so I looked over the first 100 moves and reviewed them as per my SDK majesty dictated. mind, I’m recovering from some surgery, so I’m a liiiittle loopy from pain pills, so forgive any strange language. XD


Kitten, you were very objective and given me a good variations!!!
I loved it, thank you a lot! It was very util and helped to improve my game.

You showed me the right moves, but also understood my fears and explained to me why I should not have them.