Please join me in welcoming Adam3141 and Razza99 to the moderation team!


Please join me in welcoming our two newest members to the moderation team, @Razza99 and @Adam3141!


Well deserved.


Yup, Adam delivers some quality posts on the forum. Congrats, both of you. ~~


Excellent news, congrats both!


Good choice, these two are solid blokes who are active in the OSR and on the forums here. Hip hip hooray~ :3


Thanks anoek!
Looking forward to helping out the team


Watch out, Adam! Now people will have have grounds when they relentlessly accuse you of being a biased mod. Congrats on the new position!


Hey if he’s going to get accused anyway, may as well make it official. Right? :laughing:


WELCOME aboard, @Adam3141 and @Razza99!


My impression of both is that you are decent people and engaged for the community. This is a tesuji for OGS. Congratulations!


Glad to hear the news, I’m sure this will make the community and the site as a whole much better. Congrats!


More Mods is a good thing!