Please join me in welcoming BHydden, GreenAsJade, and Conrad Melville!


Please join me in welcoming our three newest members to the moderation team, @BHydden, @GreenAsJade, and @Conrad_Melville! All three have been very helpful in the community and we are lucky to have them join us in the moderation team, so hip hip hooray!



Welcome new mods!!!


Congratulations, @BHydden and @GreenAsJade. As you know from my likes, I am a big fan of both of you.





Congrats. I sincerely appreciate the commitment of those willing and able to moderate.

Best regards


Welcome to the team @BHydden, @GreenAsJade and @Conrad_Melville!


Congrats @GreenAsJade and @Conrad_Melville I look forward to serving along side you and the rest of our fellow moderators.

I hope to serve this whole community well going forward.

Thank you @anoek for this honour. :heart:


Should the new mods be added to the Team page?


Welcome! Great to have you on board :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcomes.

I’m a big fan of the site, and really pleased to be able to help as I can.





Congratulations! Three terrific contributors! :heart:




Welcome. Thanks for all you do.


Congratulations! May we never have to meet outside of a great match between us :stuck_out_tongue:




These some jolly good fellows.


Welcome to the new mods!


Thank you for helping OGS and its members!


Welcome :3