Please mark cnculture as a bot

Thank you. I really like ogs platform :slight_smile:

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We need to set an owner account for the bot, who will it be?


You allow bots to obtain an account and operate without having that information first?* Shouldn’t the owner have to register a “bot owner” account and then be permitted to operate a bot? It would be very sensible that new bot operators begin in probationary status restricted to one bot and perhaps other restrictions on what the bot can do until there’s a record of responsible operation.

*This strikes me as upside-down (to use a polite version of the more accurate description).

Bot accounts are created just like any account. There’s no technical method to determine what’s at the other end of an account (bot playing automatically, human relaying bot moves, human consulting a stronger player, or a human playing their own moves). Thus, the bot policy relies on self-policing and honesty, just as the community relies on people generally being honest and not relaying their moves through a bot.

No need to make this more complicated.


Yeah, I asked admin at DGS and it looks like the best you can do is have unequivocally stated policy that (1) bots be registered with admin and identified as such (2) that some forms - whatever they might be, if any - of bot (or combined human & bot) use are prohibited.

You can not automatically monitor and enforce it, you must rely of the bot owners’ good faith effort. However, if a violation is discovered you have the policy to back up whatever you ask the owner to do to remedy the situation. Failing that, you can boot the bot and its owner. Maybe they come back. It might become a recursive process.

Good bots don’t register themselves do they, there must be an e-mail account or something. The account must be able to pass some sort of basic Turing test. There should be a human account associated with the bot account.

Should be enough hoops to jump through that decent bot operators will comply and then open season on those who don’t.

so, please mark “cnculture” as the bot account. And this account (godev) will be the owner. Thank you.




Thank you

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