Please review my game. new player

Hello i am new to go been playing about 2 weeks. my friend is the same normally we go back and forth on wins. i feel like i played this game well hoping someone can give me tips about what was done well and wasn’t thanks! also black could use a review as well and ill pass it along to him! heres the Game lnk.

Left a few notes in the game itself. Hope they are useful. ^^

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I put a review there too.

I read it after and it sounds harsh perhaps. Its not meant to be - there were just a number of places to point out some good basic things each player can benefit massively from learning.


All of the moves that black made in the center at the beginning of the game were much to far out into the center. Moves at that stage should generally be on the 3rd line from the edge of the board if playing for territory, or the 4th line from the edge if playing for central influence. Playing moves any further out in the center is typically considered to be bad because the stones will have a more difficult time connecting to the edge of the board and will also have a hard time making many points in the middle.

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