Please see the screenshot

Will this gam be cancelled?

this is so crazy a mod will probably annul this game for you soon
The meta site had a problem similar to these not long ago hope they fix it

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Hi Ruben, your best bet to get a quick and easy answer to this is to reload the page and use the “call moderator” button in the side menu (bottom if on mobile).

The game link:

I can call a mod for u if u want.

Games with less than 2 moves are automatically annulled.


Impossible, Ruby. I was completely off the game. Also, the bot until now every second now tells me “game started”. Non stop!! Sometimes it happens when Im playing a game. The bot comes up to tell me “gam started”. Hav you heard others complaining about this?

But flovo it has more than two moves so isn’t annulled @flovo

What happens when you reload the page?

The game has ended already and Ruben has already lost by timeout

Safari browser cut me off. As seen in my screenshot.