Please welcome TheKid (GnuGo)

We have a new bot! He is running an older version of GnuGo, 3.4. This is the earliest version that supports GTP version 2, which is required to interface with OGS. I have set his level to 1. I hope this is a better fit for our 20k - 30k range. :smile:

I have set TheKid’s provisional games to 20, until his rank can be properly determined. He won’t affect anyone’s rank until his rank is settled.


I told it Welcome! There’s a player named TheKid, too, so it was confusing for a few milliseconds.

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Welcome new Bot! :slight_smile:

TheKid is great, but definitely much stronger then 20kyu! It will help a lot, I am sure. Anyway, welcome new bot!

Yeah, I am seeing that. His rank is already on the rise. I am on the hunt for a bot above RandomBot and below TheKid that will use GTP version 2.

Have you considered this one:

I’ve played it, and it is definitely weaker than any GnuGo offering, but very much better than random play. I don’t know which GTP protocol it uses though.


There’s a modest list of GTP engines here too: TheKid is the best we’ve had though, so much praise to crodgers.


There seems to be an alignment issue with the profile info on this bot’s profile page. Since “Engine” field is missing, everything else appears to be shifted up by one spot. Also, perhaps this bot should be added to the bots group to make it easier to find.

Thanks for adding a new AI player.