PM chat box obstruction; separate accounts for forum and site?

Apologizes if this has to do with my own display but quite often I’ll be messaging other users only to have the PM chat box in the bottom right overlay other important features/information. I have attached a couple of screenshots to better illustrate what exactly I am talking about.

PM chat box overlaying in-game chat

PM chat box overlaying puzzle descriptions

Is it possible to create empty space at the bottom of the screen to prevent this? Or to change where this chat box is located?

Also, is there any reason that accounts for the forum and main site are separate? Wouldn’t merging the two account systems lead potentially greater activity in the forums?

Thank you!


Good news sir, the chat box is moveable! :smiley: click and drag it’s location to wherever your heart desires! <3


Wow hahah well alrighty then :sweat_smile: my apologies for the wasted thread lol. I actually thought I checked to see if this was a thing before posting but apparently not hah

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not a complete waste, I too would be interested in finding out why the forum and the main site need to be linked rather than using the same login…

Also, the forum is as much a place to ask questions as it is a place to list answers. You asking now hopefully means others will find the answer later.


Chatbox is movable, but only when it’s not minimized. When having only one PM active, it aint so bad to keep it open and move it around, but if you have more than one active conversation those PM boxes are pain in the arse :<


OGS main site is separate from the forum because they are totally separate pieces of software.

The OGS devs wrote OGS, and so the users that are created in OGS are stored in their system.

The forum is run by software called “Discourse”, which manages its users itself.

They can point at each other, but they can’t share anything because they are totally separate.

(It could be made to work if we all agreed to use our social media identities to log in to both, but that would not make everyone happy either…)