PM denied


I wanted to PM a Moderator. It said ‘you cannot direct message that user’. My account has just been created.

Any tip, when will I be in good standing or are there some users that cannot be pm ?



You should be able to PM in a day or two. If I recall correctly, we had some problems with new accounts harassing moderators, so we implemented a short time bar for all new accounts to PM.


IIRC verifying your email should fix it straight away

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I do wonder what the purpose of PMing a specific moderator would be?

I suppose there are cases where it makes sense, but especially for a new user wanting some moderation action, a report would be better.

Other channels include Help in the chat, where moderators who are available at that time can see the question, and of course here.

Of course, it it was an attempt to reply to a specific moderator that interacted with you already on the site, then it would seem odd that you are unable to do that :slight_smile: - is that what happened?