PM rendering on phone

When I try and type a PM on my phone (Firefox under android) the message disappears and I can’t see what I’m trying to type, so it ends up full of mistakes. What to do?

On the forums or the site? In the forums I’ve found the workaround is to scroll down, and it pops back up.

Sometimes i have to close and reopen my keyboard to solve that.

The site

Yes, if I dismiss the keyboard, I see what I have written so far. However, to continue or correct typos, I need my keyboard back up and the message immediately disappears again, so I am, for instance, unable to place a cursor at the right place in the text to correct typos etc. There are a lot of other strange things that happen, like the conversation collapsing towards a corner of the screen and disappearing. I’m not really sure what triggers this. I don’t know whether this is just a ‘feature’ in Firefox. Is that what you’re using?

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Yeah I get this issue a lot using Fennec (basically Firefox with a different name). Not just on OGS… not sure what triggers it either

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I’ve gotten that. I vaguely remember maybe figuring out how to avoid it/what causes it, but I don’t remember now, and I don’t use the main site pms on mobile much.

While on the pm rendering (main site) topic i want to mention another bug.

Since long ago, i have a ~ (the symbol) by default in a white box for pasting (above the text line) each first time i go to the chat tab.

Sorry i can’t get a screenshot as it removes instantly that box. Pretty annoying as i have to delete first that ~ to write anything. (Edit: made a drawing on the screenshot, see below)

I dunno if i am a special case alone (opera for android) or if others have similar problem?

Another annoying feature, not really a bug, is that each time i go to chat, the keyboard opens automatically which takes a lot of place on a mobile so i have to close the keyboard first to have a convenient reading, or to switch channel which close it too.

I don’t blame you. Please let me know if you remember your fix/workaround.

Maybe better to start another thread, unless you think it’s related? [I think the keyboard coming up when you put the cursor in the message box might be part of android?]

I don’t put the cursor (…), the message box comes automatically by default when opening the chat tab. This behavior can be the default from android, but then could still be locally deactivated?
I almost always read before writing.

I have no objection that a mod moves these posts to a new thread with a similar title (it’s all about messages rendering on phone) :wink:

Yes, Samraku, I have been reminded that there is a similar problem in Forums, but there (here!) it is easily overcome in the way you describe.

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Another problem arises if I manage to correct a typo and then want to continue the message. It is difficult, if not impossible, to place the cursor at the end of the line. You can’t tell where you have placed the cursor, either, because again, as soon as you have done it, you go back into edit mode, the keyboard pops up and the message you are trying to write disappears again.

Also, if you think you might have placed the cursor correctly and press ENTER, only the part of the message up to where you did actually place it is sent and the rest remains as the beginning of a new message. It would be better, imho, if pressing ENTER were interpreted as ‘transmit the current contents of the message box, irrespective of cursor positioning’, rather than ‘transmit everything in the message box which is to the left of the current cursor position’.


When I click on the CHAT tab, it opens the Group Chat for my club group with the keyboard displayed and the cursor in the message box, ready for me to type my message to the group. Afaik, you can’t get to Personal Messaging by selecting the CHAT tab.

To do Personal Messaging, either I tap on a user’s account name and select “message”, or, if someone has messaged me, I tap on the minimised chat box at the bottom of the screen. In the first case, any existing chat with the selected user comes up for reading, but not the keyboard and no squiggle in the text box. If I then tap on the text box, my keyboard comes up and the cursor is placed ready for me to type my message.

I can’t verify what happens when there is a minimised chat box on the screen at the moment, as no one has sent me a message I haven’t dismissed.

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