Pming what move to make

So recently someone pmed me that I should go q2 in a game I was playing against someone else.So what do I do?Should I report or just don’t make that move or resign that game.I didn’t even ask for it.


I guess I would answer him politely, explaining that it’s against the TOS to do that, that it didn’t help you and at reverse disturb your fun and that you hope he understands it’s something not to do again with anyone. Then I would play whatever move I wanted to play (even if it’s the same move)


Confront that third party.
If this doesn’t work: report.
Resigning or ignoring is just too heavy.


Don’t resign, that’s not on you what happened.

I’d say something like “please don’t interfere with an ongoing game, it’s against the rules” and if they contiunue report them.

If you feel you should report them without replying, that’s OK, too.


Please report the individual privately to the mods. You have no way of knowing whether this is something they’ve done in the past or not, so we can deal with it appropriately.


Yes - to add to BHydden’s comment, I’d actually suggest not taking it up with them, because the chances of that having any sort of desired outcome are low, and the chances of a snorty chat exchange are high.

Please do report it - it’s not allowed.


No -to add to @BHydden comment, it’s just until now one time behavior, nothing prove it was some worse attitude and I m for some kind of presumption of innocence. If a reasonable and polite chat can solve and prevent any further bad attitude, that will be the best way.


He just told me to make move Q10 now after I warned him so I decided to report him.


We are moderators we have records about what people have been reported for in the past.

Case in point… these people are RARELY once-off offenders, that is why it is best to just report it without messaging them and let the moderators deal with it since we can see their full history.