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This topic sets forth a challenge to unearth one or more instances of great poetry in the vast library of this form of performance art. Rap music isn’t unlike it in some ways but doesn’t qualify since it has been called music. I’m not sure where Muhammad Ali goes, the Beat poets, Gil Scott-Heron as precursor to rap… Comments about history would be good.

Getting things rolling…see the first post.

Aja Monet at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe NYC 31 August 2012
Winner of Nuyorican Poet’s Café Grand Slam at 19.

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My favourite Slam Poet:

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Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - H2O Gate Blues - Winter in America 1974
Gil Scott-Heron We Beg Your Pardon (Pardon Our Analysis) - The Mind of Gil Scott-Heron 1978

Youngsters :wink: may, or maybe not, need a refresh on some history of late 60’s - 1972-1974, Your-President-is-not-a-Crook Richard Nixon and unelected V.P. Gerry Ford who succeeded and pardoned him.

Aja Monet (age 20) at Dickinson College 2007