Point loss under Japanese rules?


Hello again, I have a question about game scoring that might seem rather strange and it is probably really embarrassing for me to not know the answer to this question as an SDK. Suppose I were playing a stubborn person or a beginner with a bulky five position (or any possible position with a stone thrown in to prevent two eyes from being formed. Often I would have to fill in at least a few times as my opponent captures my stones down to the one eye that I finally place my stone into for the capture, and to prove my point that the group is dead. Now wouldn’t I have fewer points at the end of the game hence all the captured stones. I have no problem explaining to beginners this position (I once wondered about it to), but I am just curious. :smiley:

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Under Japanese rules or under Chinese rules if while you’re adding stones to capture, your opponent fills dame, yes.

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If I am understanding your quetsion correctly - whether playing out a dead position instead of calling it from the start makes a difference, then no, it doesn’t (at least as far as I understand) :smiley:

Unless some weird business is going on where one player plays a “needless” move and the other does not respond (which would clearly change the score) the fact that he/she captured some of your stones does not matter, because while he/she gets +1 point for each, by taking them off the board you get +1 point for territory (considering the whole area remains yours at the end)

To try and illustrate:

  • lets say your opponent created three in a row eye-space in your territory. You being a SDK throw in, to make it dead.
  • your opponent captures the “thrown in” stone getting +1 point
  • however as the territory is eventually yours anyway, you get +1 point for the territory that would otherwise be occupied by the “thrown-in” stone and you would not count that one as points.

Talking of course about Japanese rules, as this is not an issue in Chinese, where prisoners mean nothing

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Japanese Scoring - Problems Understanding

Thank you very much for the diagram and explanation @smurph, that part makes perfect sense to me, so it would probably be best to resolve all of those problems after the dame has been taken care of!!

Thank you!!



Thank you for the explanation @AdamR, If I had put a little more though into this I would have realized the score would not be affected anyway if played properly after dame, but thank you anyway. :smiley:

I would also like to thank you for resolving the game I played a little while back with Fuego, and all of your hard work as a moderator. Keep it up!! You truly are a wonderful person!! :grinning:

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