Points estimation vs scoring differences?

Hi everybody,

I’m fairly new and don’t seem to completely understand how scoring works… A lot of times the estimated points seem to differ slightly from the end result, even if both mark the same stones and I can’t understand why.

For example in this game https://online-go.com/game/4156216,
the estimate showed black wins by 1.5 points, but the end result was white by 0.5. Why is that?

And if I count the score manually, I get black by 0.5…! What am I missing?

Thank you!

If I count it manually I get
Black: 19 territory + 10 captures
White: 18 territory + 6 captures + 5.5 komi

White wins by 0.5.

I find score estimation is often wrong with guessing live or dead groups, even at the end. Was that what happened here?


No actually dead groups were shown correctly in this case, but I think I realised now why it does this. Score estimation just counts all the black fields vs all the white fields 44 black vs 37+5.5 komi = 42.5 white. (Chinese scoring…?)
Whereas the end scoring counts the territory + prisoners.

I can see why it can’t count this way in estimation, because it doesn’t know how many stones are still to come. But curious how come there is this difference in points between the two methods, you’d think they should give the same result…!

Area and territory scoring usually give similar (within one point) or identical results, but they can differ further if there was an uneven number of passes in the game. Also, there are some special cases where other differences in the rule sets can drastically affect the result (seki, superko, etc.).


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Interesting, thank you!