Points in Tournament matches

Hello I’d like to know if winning/losing a match in a Tournament does affect my Ratings like a ranked friendly match does. Thanks.

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Yes, all games in tournaments on 19x19, 13x13 and 9x9 sizes are ranked.

Tournament games on board sizes other than those (for example 12x12, 14x14, etc.) are not ranked currently.

The 2 conditions to be ranked:

  • the size 9x9 13x13 19x19 only.
  • the komi should be standard

Tournaments games respecting these are ranked.
For Example, AST (automatic sitewide tournaments) and ladders.

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hello, thanks, So, where is the Komi set here in this tournament?

Komi should be automatically set to the right value in tournaments - there’s no choice. (Also I can’t see that one you linked, maybe it never started?)

This is an AST so no problem.
problem may occur with tournaments created by someone who don’t like standard komi.

I don’t seen an option to set the komi when setting up a tournament, so this may not be a problem.