Points system delineation

Can you guys add a drop down in the ‘Learn’ section that thoroughly explains the different options listed when you create a game and exactly how the points rating system works for each one (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc) as well as for the Komi and what it means to be +/-. I’ve tried googling to find how it might work but I end up with big lengthy results that don’t really answer my question effectively.

For all the resources this site has I’m really surprised there isn’t an obvious resource to describe exactly what each option in ‘Create Game’ is so beginners can go into a game with full understanding. I’ve improved my game play a lot since first joining but the points rating system and creating a game makes me feel like I’m still a newly minted noob with zero idea on how to play the game or how it works.


The points rating system is not linked to your choice of ruleset. Whatever rules, a win will reward you with the same amount of points to be used to calculate your rating.

Now the condition of victory varies (a little bit and sometimes) according to the choice of ruleset. That is the scoring of the points on the board may vary (not the rating points you’ll get from your victory).

  • Between Japanese rule and Chinese rule, there is 1 point difference sometimes because the first don’t care who play the last dame.
  • In Chinese rules eyes in a seki count as point but not in the Japanese rules.
  • The handicap stones are not considered in the Japanese rules (making it harder for white)
  • The komi varies between rules.

For the most important to remember.

The choice of ruleset is not only made by considering this list, first it can be linked to your origin, culture, who introduced the game to you or to your go players community. Second there are still some other specificities like if you can commit suicide (NZ rules), have a draw as result, or who will sponsor a tournament…

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Is it here somewhere?

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This helps, thank you. I still feel like it would help to have each thing written out and described thoroughly because I know the komi varies, I just don’t know why or the purpose of it. Is chinese the one that gets the added point for going second?

Whenever I try to look up the different variations of game play/rule set I don’t get something that lists the subtle differences. I get entire guides that explain everything which I already know a great deal of (therefore don’t need to know) and when I try to find the little variations it doesn’t tell me what the difference is v. something else because they’re not giving options for different styles of Go.
I keep losing by .5-1.5 points and it’s driving me nuts not knowing exactly how the points are tallied and not finding any resources on the site to explain it. I can find entire books and sets of puzzles but nothing that says “capture = x points” “territory = x points” “In chinese gameplay a seki = 1 point” etc. And the tally score option isn’t always available or understandable (I’ve had it say the computer would win then I end it and it makes me the winner). It feels like a big oversight that I’d have to come to the forum to try and find answers because I can’t find answers to these simple questions in the ‘Learn’ drop down delineating all the little intricacies

Well our game have different rules in different places, that’s not something we can change. Instead OGS gives the choice trying to satisfy everyone.

There is a compilation in the documentation linked by @Atorrante, did you check it?


I’d guess a thorough explanation would also be very lengthy and not answer questions effectively. Especially if it includes the Japanese rules.

Maybe you want to try the New Zealand Rules of Go. They are concise.

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Instead of creating a learning section the other option would be to simplify the menu. You might like my feature suggestion

This is not exactly mentioned in the resume so you have to deduce it (still from the resume)
The AGA rule is made to have equivalence and it’s written that

  • white is the last to pass
  • each pass, you give a stone, prisoner.

So sometimes white will give one more prisoner, sometimes not. (And black, never)

If you don’t do it the score will be like in Japanese rule so sometimes black lose a point in Japanese rule vs Chinese (the white prisoner he didn’t get)

The world of go has different sets of rules. I don’t see how a debate on automatch features answers the wish of the OP to understand their differences.

Unless you promote the whole OGS to use only one ruleset?


Because you don’t need to explain something if it doesn’t exist.


Lol yes but it does :joy:

@Negotious, if there is something more still obscure that the resume didn’t explain well, I’ll be glad to try to help you.

I was going to say oh you’re a lucky guy because it doesn’t happen to me that often to have those very balanced games with humans but then

I get it now, that’s another story. Computers love to win by 1 point when they could by 10. That’s more frustrating, sorry for that. I mean in that case i don’t expect a better understanding of the difference between counting will help much to reverse the result anyway.


Wow my brain registered that as an ad and just glazed right over it. Thanks for calling it out so I knew to turn my mental ad blocker off lmao