Points / territories - newbie question

I’m completely new to Go, and have been playing against a bot to try and understand the game. I have a question about this scenario. I thought I was ahead, counting 4 points in my territories (black) and only 1 point for white. The AI passed its turn, and I thought adding more black stones would only decrease my territory, so I passed as well. But the AI then won with 26 points, getting points for all my stones as well as all blank spaces after that. I don’t understand the scoring system at all, apparently. Any help?
Thank you.

The black group is actually dead :<

First, imagine what happens if white plays at 3 now. What could black do in responce?
Then imagine what if black plays at 3 first. What happens to the group after white captures the at 4 and plays at either 1 or 2?

For more about making living groups, check out senseis article https://senseis.xmp.net/?TwoEyes and this puzzle collection https://online-go.com/puzzle/5


Thank you for your reply. If I on my turn had placed a black stone at 3, would I have a group with two eyes in lower left side? White could not place any at red 1 or 2 without being captured afterwards. Or any at 4 (no liberties). Only at the blue 1 and upper right corner? And at blue 1 it would only reduce one of its own territory points, right? Could black have won this way?

If white will play 1 or 2, black can indeed capture the 2 stones, but how many eyes does that form? If white plays inside that eye again, what happens, how many liberties the black stones have?
White can also play at 4 and capture the 1 black stone at e2, since that stone is in atari, meaning that black will always lose the lib at 4.

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Thank you, and especially for the puzzles link. They’re super helpful for trying to understand this amazingly difficult game! :slight_smile:


yeah white can still capture 4 if it was your and after when white captures the shape is dead :slight_smile: