Polgote.com Online Go School

Yesterday was the last round, today are the last reviews of matches played in the 6th cycle of polgote.com Online Go School.
24 participants, from 12 countries, of level between: 4 dan - 12 kyu, took part in the 6th cycle.
Sign up and take part in the 7th cycle!
Registration deadline: 31.05.2020

Why to register to polgote.com Online Go School?

  • Regular matches (Tuesdays at 18:20 CEST) and regular reviews of matches (Wednesdays at 18:20 - 19:50 CEST).
  • polgote.com provides reviews made by the Top European players (Mateusz Surma 2 dan pro, Andrii Kravets 1 dan pro, Stanislaw Frejlak 7 dan, Lukas Podpera 7 dan, Cornel Burzo 7 dan).
  • All matches are reviewed together with students (as a dialog).
  • For each won match at school, the students receive vouchers for the lessons/equipment/books offered by polgote.com
  • High quality at an affordable price.
  • Additionally, there is a possibility to register for:
    a) Life & death go problems with mistakes’ checking by the teacher
    b) Group Go Lessons in different schedule
    c) Individual Go Lessons
    d) Interactive Online Reviews of Professional Go Matches
    e) Interactive Online Group Go Courses for Beginners