Polgote.com - the new platform for booking Go lessons

You’re finally able to book online Go lessons at the dedicated platform for it.
The Marketplace of Online Go Lessons or in other words the booking platform for connecting students with Go teachers for the online Go lessons has been launched at https://polgote.com/

For whom is this platform?
a) For every Go player who wants to improve in Go as much as possible while investing in it as short a time as possible.
b) For every Go player who is interested in earning money by teaching Go online.

What sort of things are operated at the platform?
The students can e.g. filter, sort and find Go teachers, book the lessons directly in teachers’ calendars, make the payments, watch the recorded videos from their past lessons and publish opinions about the teachers after each lesson.

What kind of lessons are there?
There are two kinds of lessons available at the platform - individual lessons and group lessons.

For individual lessons each teacher can choose their availability (days, time, prices, languages, breaks between the lessons, minimum notice period, Go servers, communication tools, etc.).
Based on the options chosen by a teacher, the students are able to book the lessons with such a teacher within the availability of that teacher.

For group lessons each teacher can choose all the details about the lessons.
Then, each student is able to decide only whether to register or not.

What will be at the lessons?
It depends on you - you can tell the teacher what you’d like to learn or you can also let the teacher decide.

Who can become a teacher?
Everybody - polgote doesn’t hire any Go teachers.
The students will verify the teachers by submitting opinions after each lesson.

What is the history of building this platform?
In 2018 a professional Go player from Poland - Mateusz Surma - started a very basic list of teachers available for Go lessons with an opportunity to book the lessons by sending emails.
Then the forms for booking lessons were added to the listings.
And after 2,5 years of running the listings, having an online Go school and analyzing the market of Go lessons in general, Mateusz decided to build a professional platform dedicated for booking the online Go lessons.
In March-June 2021 a document consisting of 69 pages A4 of guidelines of what should be coded at the platform was written.
In July 2021 a contract with a software house for building the platform was signed.
In October 2021 a crowdfunding campaign for building the platform was launched.
In November 2021 the crowdfunding campaign failed and the costs of building the platform had to be covered from private funds.
In May 2024 the platform was launched.

What will be next?
You will start booking Go lessons through polgote.com :slight_smile:


It’s fantastic and very inspiring to see so many developments coming from Poland. https://polgote.com, https://roundsboard.com/, IGLO… And EGC 2025 in Warsaw!