[Poll] How go should be advertised?

As mathematics?

Our Key Stage 3 in the UK is 11–14, but this poster looks oriented towards younger students.


Something like this ?:




Items that promote Go can be purchased at the Go shop in the Nihon Ki-in in Tokyo. … Items have included hankies, playing cards, drinks mats, key-rings and tie clips.


Our annual competition for schools, the UK Go Challenge, produces items suitable as prizes … Each year a new design of fridge magnet has been produced for those winning three games or more

Excerpted from Tony Atkins’ article Collecting Go XI: Memorabilia in BGJ #158, 2010-11


Since the responses turn out to be serious. Some of my ideas:

  • Push/suggest mangaplus to add Hikaru no Go.
  • Republish physical Hikaru no Go. Translate it to new languages.
  • Donate the volumes to all libraries.
  • Dub/sub Hikaru no Go in more languages. Publish BD and DVDs.
  • Reair the anime on TV.
  • Donate the BD and DVDs to all libraries.
  • Dub/sub other Go TVs in more languages. Like the recent Hikaru no Go cdrama.
  • Ask the Confucius Institute to take a break from their espionage and political BS. And do more weiqi class. At least the ones around me stop giving classes. Long before the pandemic.
  • Give the EGF pros and high-dans English lessons. And public speaking class. I don’t think they are doing much to promote the game. There must be a marketing major or some social media-savvy guy in EGF or European Go community. They can’t be all math and CS majors.
    • I rather have a healthy amateur community, like in Thailand. Instead of a pro system that no one cares about.
  • Make a regular /baduk/ general in /tg/.
  • Make a regular /go/ general in /jp/.

In which way would you like EGF pros to promote the game?

Maybe it would be more fruitful if they promoted the game in their own language?.. Countries with people who communicate in their own language is a thing that exists?..


Who would pay the EGF pros for promoting go? The EGF is quite poor.

The same goes for many of the other suggested actions. Who would pay for that?

The effort was made years ago. There wasn’t enough activity to keep it bumped up.

I think you’ll find this 1973 essay by Francis Roads, on establishing and promoting clubs in the UK, useful.

(The quote display is from a different article excerpted in the same post.)

I’ll even summarise it further.

  • advertise where STEM people are
  • emphasise that equipment can be made cheaply
  • be prepared to spend a lot of time teaching and playing with beginners
  • establish a regular location
  • affiliate to the national association
  • invite a strong player to give a lecture or simul
  • contact local papers and radio stations about Go events
  • advertise in libraries
  • donate Go books to libraries or try to persuade them to buy some
  • offer Go talks to public speaking groups

Ikr. Things cost money, who knew?

I guess so. The countries that produce these pros have super vibrant Go community.

I personally think they can have better online presence. Not in instagram way. But more streaming, regular youtube videos, more interaction in online communities (this forum, L19, /r/baduk, discords, and so on). The following is untrue of course. But the impression I got is they only care about paid students, having a go equipment store and improving their Go skills. And yet got slaughtered by Ryan Li anyways. But as the other guy said, no money.

And someone in EGF must realize Go is such a generic word. Sure you can prefer that word, but they should have included Baduk and Weiqi in their websites, patreons, youtube channels and so on. That’s why I said, they need help from some marketing guy.

Certainly a much better list.


Or just make a new Go Manga Series but I doubt either Jump, Weekly shonen Magazine, or Sunday think it would sell-well this days same goes to authors. But, i don’t give up hopes…

ps. sorry, idk how to quote specific sentences on this forum lol

There’s 9 Dan Girl

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Mateusz surma does post videos on YouTube and Facebook from what I remember.

I follow his polgote shop/school page.

Recent post from polgote on Facebook

It ties into other peoples posts about trying to include other names than “Go”. Even on app stores it can be better to search for weiqi and baduk than “Go”.

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go is to Goh what no is to Noh.

In one case the former was chosen, in the other the latter.

Nope, the romanisation “oh” of Japanese signifies a long vowel, thus “Noh” signifies that it is called のう = 能 in Japanese, and not の.

Meanwhile, Go = ご = 碁 has a short vowel.


Hang posters for local Go clubs (or OGS) in martial-arts studios/dojos.


That apple thinks that the Foundation series must be jazzed up with cool graphics and violence for television is not really proof that it actually must be. I think it’s more the case that when you have a certain set of tools, you tend to use those tools.

I agree that the trailer is disappointing, and I’m not optimistic that the adaptation will be effective or faithful. They seem to be leaning more towards Star Wars (Empire vs. heroic rebels) than Foundation.

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I see the point but did you try it?

I’d like some feedback from anyone who tried to connect both worlds if any.

No, this was just an idea. I have not tried this.

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Nevertheless the spelling has been used, eg. in Horace Cheshire’s 1911 Goh or Wei Chi.