Poll: Should variations default to last used, or main line?

Continuing the discussion from Navigating movetree with arrowkeys:

anoek said he wanted to poll the community, and I want to test polls on this forum, so here we go!

  • The variation tree should remember which path you were on. (eidogo and kgs/cgoban do this)
  • The variation tree should always go back to the main line (OGS does this right now)

The situation we’re talking about is when you select a variation, do some stuff in it, and then go backwards to where it branched from the main line. If you now press right arrow, should it go into the variation since you were in that before, or should it select the mainline.


I think I’m starting to see a trend with the results here… :wink:

9 to 0, I’ll see about fixing this up tomorrow :slight_smile:

Additional request:

When using up-arrow to change the active variation path: Don’t make it travel back in the variation tree if at topmost variation. That should be for left-arrow only.

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Alrighty this is in, as is your request too @badpunman - try it out and let me know if I got it right :slight_smile:


Yeah, works nice. Thanks.