Poll what is the most fun thing in GO

1, Openings
2. Corner invasions
3. fights to death
4, potional play like shapes
5. End games
6 To beat friends
7 to chat
8 to teach
9. To analyise
Feel free to add points

Its 3 to me



Nothing. I find go fascinating, but not fun.

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Ultra blitz games, when you have to decide a move in fractions of seconds.

More generally, attacking groups.

I also like to do tournaments, even when I know I can’t win. I often find slow games boring if I can’t distract myself, though.


To take the right choice for each of your moves

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When something suddenly makes ‘click’ in my head. Not all too often I admit.

Teaching is also pretty high on my list.

BTW: I first read:
7 to cheat



Laughed out loud at your misread of number 7. How interesting it would be if we could see a poll of trolls: (1) sandbagging, (2) botting, (3) score cheating, (4) stalling, etc.

Which in turn suggests a poll of players’ most hated cheating methods.


Continuously discovering new levels of complexity and being sure that there is much more than that! :grin:

  • Opening
  • Corner invasions
  • fights to death
  • positional play
  • Endgames
  • to beat friend
  • to chat
  • to teach
  • To analyse
  • blitz
  • rapid
  • long
  • dayly
  • tournaments
  • choices
  • complexity

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Clicked the wrong botton or is the formular wrongß
Wanted to vote for fights to death instead of positional play

You click again and undo your vote, I think.

Still I don’t see “winning” as an option. Winning is the most fun thing in Go.

I’ll die on this hill.

Finding the inner peace to play and forgetting all about the world around me.

To be honest: this doesn’t happen often to me, but when it is: wow.

Wouldn’t call this fun, but more the most rewarding experience in go.


The absence of “winning” as an option makes perfect sense to me. I will conjecture that the OP is trying to find the specific characteristics of go that are the most popular. Toward that end, it is true that the question might have been phrased a little better, but the OP’s choice of “in” rather than “about” hints at his intention, I think. The problem with “winning” as an answer is that it tells us nothing useful or interesting. Most people prefer winning in most games. So what? It is common for a poll to omit options that are not useful for what it is trying to discover.

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you could choose the beat a friend option. that would be nearest

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