Polling player flags/countries

  • Years are the years of registration
  • Undefined is removed
  • At least one rank game


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 2678
ru :ru: Russia 546
ca :canada: Canada 533
de :de: Germany 405
fr :fr: France 390
gb :gb: United Kingdom 268
id :indonesia: Indonesia 257
br :brazil: Brazil 193
au :australia: Australia 167


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 1611
ru :ru: Russia 584
fr :fr: France 376
de :de: Germany 336
ca :canada: Canada 297
th :thailand: Thailand 289
gb :gb: United Kingdom 224
br :brazil: Brazil 176
_Pirate :pirate_flag: Pirate 160
jp :jp: Japan 140


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 2420
ru :ru: Russia 628
de :de: Germany 608
fr :fr: France 564
ca :canada: Canada 531
gb :gb: United Kingdom 364
th :thailand: Thailand 348
kr :kr: South Korea 216
tw :taiwan: Taiwan 207
_Pirate :pirate_flag: Pirate 198


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 2008
fr :fr: France 545
ru :ru: Russia 445
de :de: Germany 420
th :thailand: Thailand 366
ca :canada: Canada 356
gb :gb: United Kingdom 269
tw :taiwan: Taiwan 267
_Pirate :pirate_flag: Pirate 232
jp :jp: Japan 214


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 2614
fr :fr: France 670
th :thailand: Thailand 647
ca :canada: Canada 473
ru :ru: Russia 466
de :de: Germany 451
gb :gb: United Kingdom 325
_Pirate :pirate_flag: Pirate 289
jp :jp: Japan 246
tw :taiwan: Taiwan 199


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 1795
fr :fr: France 722
th :thailand: Thailand 642
ru :ru: Russia 526
de :de: Germany 382
ca :canada: Canada 310
gb :gb: United Kingdom 267
_Pirate :pirate_flag: Pirate 225
jp :jp: Japan 207
_United_Federation_of_Planets United Federation of Planets 196


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 3406
fr :fr: France 859
th :thailand: Thailand 794
ru :ru: Russia 712
de :de: Germany 664
ca :canada: Canada 656
cn :cn: China 602
gb :gb: United Kingdom 565
jp :jp: Japan 477
tw :taiwan: Taiwan 392


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 1213
my :malaysia: Malaysia 546
fr :fr: France 522
th :thailand: Thailand 519
cn :cn: China 457
ru :ru: Russia 405
tw :taiwan: Taiwan 338
de :de: Germany 329
ca :canada: Canada 256
vn :vietnam: Vietnam 237


Code Name Count
us :us: United States 19505
fr :fr: France 4875
ru :ru: Russia 4514
de :de: Germany 3910
th :thailand: Thailand 3720
ca :canada: Canada 3653
gb :gb: United Kingdom 2816
cn :cn: China 1975
_Pirate :pirate_flag: Pirate 1857
jp :jp: Japan 1847
tw :taiwan: Taiwan 1717
my :malaysia: Malaysia 1612
br :brazil: Brazil 1404
_United_Federation_of_Planets United Federation of Planets 1388
kr :kr: South Korea 1345
it :it: Italy 1291
au :australia: Australia 1273
nl :netherlands: Netherlands 1120
tr :tr: Turkey 1070
pl :poland: Poland 1020
hk :hong_kong: Hong Kong SAR China 983
es :es: Spain 955
ua :ukraine: Ukraine 926
vn :vietnam: Vietnam 899
mx :mexico: Mexico 893
id :indonesia: Indonesia 888
ar :argentina: Argentina 885
se :sweden: Sweden 874

I’ve also been polling player countries using an external visitor counter on my profile page.

Here are stats: Flag Counter » Details

Visit my profile page to be counted


Some more geographic data from SimilarWeb, this showing the top 5 countries from which OGS traffic comes during August 2021:

Somewhat in agreement with the 2021 flag data in that US, France and Thailand are big hitters. But flags have GB top but they’re not in the top 5 for traffic. Also Malaysia, China and Russia are above Germany and Taiwan in flags but not traffic. Strange given UN and pirate are not on flag list. Probably down to the way traffic is measured by SimilarWeb (I don’t know how they do it) and that flag does not necessarily mean you are accessing from the country, e.g. maybe a lots of Brits living abroad :man_shrugging:


Did you intentionally remove "undefined "?
I think it could be interesting for comparison.

What’s that blank after France?

I made a crosstab:


There are some holes. Some countries are present just for one year, others have discontinuous values.
United Nations’ value for 2019 is huge. UK changes from hundreds to thousands in 2020.

Is there a reason for such numbers?
I understand that some country could emerge in the top 10 just for one year. But UN and UK data look weird.
Also the overall number of players, changing from 6k, 7k then 28k, 21k, 13k… was there some sort of ranking system adjustment? :wink:


Maybe some kind of global pandemic that meant everyone was stuck at home bored? :thinking:


Yes, I removed undefined precisely because it’s boring. We have total of 895215-ish undefined players, yeah, they’re gonna be on top every time, not very interesting.

United Nations is super weird.

United Kingdom maybe can be explained by British holding events on OGS since pandemic started.


british - YouTube


Years don’t match

@S_Alexander , what are you counting? Active players? All players? New players? What else?

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Should be just accounts who bothered to set the flag. If we plot day by day registrations…

Looks like a spam bot, ye?


I have only data from Through the years tournament, which involves just 2233 players. Data start on june 2020.

What I can see is that:

  • some players like to change their country over time
  • undefined is slowly decreasing and it isn’t that big (about the same as “us”)
  • number of players for each country is pretty constant over time

How is that your charts have such big changes over time?
If you were looking at OGS accounts, I’d expect them to just increase.
To catch variations for a single player you should sample data frequently (as I do for TTY) but of course you aren’t doing that since 2014.


As I said, it’s just registration date. Current flag but at registration date. So how many players registered in e.g. 2014 and their current flag is X.

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The UN spike is undoubtedly due to the huge spam bot invasion that we experienced in 2019. One characteristic of the spam bots is that they all had a UN flag.


Do spam bot play go! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If we are looking at all accounts, including bots that never played a game, probably that isn’t very meaningful (if our interest is actual players).


I just got 3 likes from a pedant in this thread… what could that possibly mean??? :thinking:

Edit: 4!!!


The spam bots then and subsequently do not play go. The accounts don’t do anything. That is why the mod team, when we realized that, stopped banning the spam accounts. The accounts typically had advertisements in their bio section for things like plumbing or electrical services, or sex-related stuff. However, it is virtually impossible for anyone ever to see them, since they don’t play or do anything else.


Do they slow down by using resources? (Curiosity )

Like anything else, I suppose, they take up a minute amount of server space, but probably too tiny to be concerned about.

In that case, let’s recalculate it with at least one game or deviation less than 350.

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