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Oh sorry here is the correct date: 2020-6-10

  • Kid (under 18)
  • Adult (older than 18)
  • Turning 18 today

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True, but… I love them all!!111! So as far as it concerns me, the “Asian” answer is sufficient. :sweat_smile:


Do you have kids?

  • Yes, one.
  • Yes, two.
  • Yes, three.
  • Yes, many!
  • Yes, and they are already adults!
  • Yes, but they don’t live with me.
  • Yes, and I’m actually a grandparent.
  • No.
  • No, maybe later in life.
  • No thanks, not for me.
  • No - I am a kid!

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If you like taking polls, here is an important question that I would like you to consider:


What continent do you live on?

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Antarctica

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Nearest Sea

  • Arctic
  • North Atlantic
  • South Atlantic
  • North Pacific
  • South Pacific
  • Indian
  • Southern Oceans.

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Nearest ocean, you mean?




  • 0-3
  • 4-6
  • 7-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • 26-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-60
  • 61-70
  • 71-80
  • 81-90
  • 91-100
  • 100-110
  • Older

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Previous age polling


I hate being lonely. People from 2017 need to show up and vote.

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For the first poll it should be OGS OGS forum and brawl stars

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Where does one continent begin and the other ends? This is not an entirely trivial question.

Geopolitical division brings two questions together that don’t always align. How many would consider my country to be part of North America? If I were asked for identity, I feel I belong more to the south than the north, though geography might indicate otherwise.

But wait!, there is more. The very land I’m standing on right now was well underwater 12 million years ago; when it surfaced, it did nothing but bridge together two much larger landmasses. A continental shelf argument would say that we belong to the sea. If not for Covid-19, I could travel 100km in either direction and meet the Pacific on one side, or the Caribbean on the other.

So, here is a much more controversial poll to illustrate my point (vote if “yes”):

  • Is Mexico a North American country?
  • Is Suriname a South American country?
  • Is Belize a Caribbean country?
  • Does Australia belong to Oceania?
  • Does New Zealand belong to Oceania?
  • Is Papua-New Guinea part of the Australian continent?
  • Is Oceania a continent?
  • Is Russia an Asian country?
  • Is the nation of Greenland part of the Americas?
  • Is Israel an Asian country?
  • Is Indonesia an Asian country?
  • Is Turkey a European country?
  • Is Egypt an Asian country?
  • Is Chile transcontinental?
  • Is Spain transcontinental?
  • Is Armenia an European country?
  • Is Azerbaijan landlocked?
  • If a country claimed sovereignty over parts of the Moon, would you accept their claim?
  • If you have nationality but cannot vote, are you really a citizen?

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What is your favorite sport?

  • Football/soccer
  • American football/rugby
  • Brawl ball
  • I hate sports
  • E-sports
  • I hate sports and electronics
  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Running/walking /hiking
  • Everything
  • Go chess(maybe it isn’t a sport)
  • Swimming
  • Rock climbing
  • Gymnastics
  • Table tennis/tennis/water polo
  • Water jump
  • Skiing
  • Other(please comment)
  • Fitness activities (lifting weights, go noodle running in a treadmill push ups etc…)

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Sports are good for your health so you probably won’t vote for I hate sports or I hate sports and electronics.

I’m in the deep embrace of the Mediterranean.

  1. Is go chess a thing?
  2. Is this favorite to watch or play?
  3. If it is just stuff you like or something, can I just choose “other” because not every sport I like is in that list, or should I choose the ones on the list and off the list?

Marble racing, obviously.


Other please comment then.
Racing against marbles?How do you do that ?Edit:playing with marbles you do need to run a bit so yeah.