Pop up window for undo

It is hard to tell when an opponent requests an undo, especially in a fast game where one is focusing on the board. I would like an option of spawning a pop-up or something major to alert me.


Some discussion from year back also in here. Color Undo button

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In a fast game, a pop-up window would be an excellent way to time out your opponent. It would be ok for a slow game, but I think that even then, another solution would be better.


You could have the player’s time PAUSE while the popup is on their screen and they are deciding. This way they don’t lose time.

The popup request would itself be timed and would go away after, say, 10 seconds. That way the person getting the request can’t simply not answer and use it to stop his time indefinitely, and thus gain an unfair advantage.

I think this serves everyone quite nicely:

  1. the popup is noticed
  2. the person getting it doesn’t have his time detracted, due to his opponent’s mistake
  3. a small incentive is created to not make the mistake in the first place, since you are quite possibly giving your opponent an extra 10 seconds for free while the popup sits there.

I’d like the option to disable that, though. I don’t want my train of thought disrupted because my opponent made a mistake.

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