Portable Goban

Hi everyone, I am looking for a portable goban to bring in vacations, in the office or whenever there are go players around :smile: I don’t need a full set, I already have stones that I would bring in plastic containers.

I would like to buy it or make it from an accessible material - I am in Québec, Canada. If you have ideas where to buy that please give a hand! Thanks!

Do you mean, like magnetic for playing on the road? Or just foldable and small enough to take with you? If it’s the latter, and you have any Barnes and Noble chains around you, they sell a portable set for about 25 bucks. It’s not great: the one I got had no star points, so I had to add them with a sharpie, and the stones that came with it had one flat side, so I couldn’t hold them properly, but it’s good-sized, and the board folds into a container for the stones.

I mean something foldable/rollable that I could bring with me. I would like it to be at least 15", nothing magnetic with tiny stones :slight_smile: There’s no Barnes and Noble store around Québec but hopefully they will ship for reasonable prices, is this this model?

Best of the best would be something like a vinyl chess mat!

Yeah, your top example was the set I own. It meets your size requirements, if nothing else!

Maybe something like this?

crodgers I saw this one before, thing is the goban is a piece of paper :frowning: I’d like something more durable. Thanks for your input though :smile:

That board is plastic.

Hmm true. It is a thin plastic sheet though, sorry to look picky, looking for something that looks a bit more finished and that won’t crease or have folds in it

edit: it costs me 35$ of shipping :frowning:

Found exactly what I want http://www.chessngames.com/product-p/22820.htm but they won’t ship to Canada :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’ve been happy with this set:

That’s odd. The shipping page on their site claims they ship worldwide.

Similar to @crodgers post - I have been looking at this board: https://shop.gogameguru.com/go-bento-box/

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I have this set:

and I’ve found it pretty good. Only downside is that everytime I go through airport security they have to check my bag because it looks like a magnetic cylinder.

Have you checked this site? https://shop.gogameguru.com/go-boards/
The featherweight go board might be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for pointing it out. Their form doesn’t allow Canada in the countries so I didn’t think they could ship here. I contacted the company, hopefully they will ship here at a reasonable fee!

Hey Zenchu,

I got one that looks very similar to the chess n games one you link to from Strategy Games on St-Denis in Montreal.

At Chess’n’math? (Échecs et math)?

Yeah, the store of the Chess n Math foundation or whatever. http://www.strategygames.ca/

For when I’m on the road I really like this board, it’s beechwood veneer and has a magnetic “hinge”, PLUS it has a 13x13 board on the back side:

This board in Hebsacker’s new Web shop: https://www.go-spiele.de/de/Buchenfurnierbrett--19x19-13x13--13mm--lackiert--Magnetscharnier.html

But alas, Hebsacker is in Germany … I think they do ship to Canada, though. Perhaps ask them about the shipping cost?

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