Possible Bazooka Go feature?

So I recently learned of the Bazooka Go variant to the game. (Thanks Mr. L @ the Midwest Open).

Anyway, the IRL rules go as follows:
-Players decide on the amount of stones before the game. (doesn’t have to be the same amount if you want to add a handicap advantage for one player)
-You take the predetermined amount of opponents stones, and then add them to your bowl.
-Mix stones well
-(IRL) you put the bowl under the table, and first, point to the place you want to play, before blindly choosing a stone.
-All other rules would be the same as standard games, except suicide moves would probably have to be allowed to avoid most complications that can arise.

Anyway, these are the basic rules. Might be a challenge to write something to randomize stones online, but if doable, I think would be a fun game option.


Sounds fun, and would need to not have the shadow stones I guess, just a blank circle (with the + of course, I love that!)

places on list 2 positions below rengo


What’s the one in between? o.o

played this at the USGC in Madison, we called it both “lottery go” and “traiter go”

Had a fun tie with some of it, but in irl games you need to make sure they have the same number of stones in each bowl (luckily we had the ing bowls so we didn’t have to count out how many each had)

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