Possible Bug: Game ended suddenly by timeout with 17 hours remaining on the clock after weekend unpause

Hi! I was playing a correspondence game which displayed 17 hours remaining on my clock and a pause for the “weekend”. After the clocks unpaused, the game unexpectedly ended by timeout soon afterwards.

I have noticed a few instances of time remaining changing after the “weekend” pauses previously as well, displaying many hours less after the pause, but don’t have a link.

Here is the game ended by timeout:


Dang - another “Simple time with weekend pause” bug @anoek

(I think we thought we’d cured this sort of thing)


By the way, is it possible to restore the participation in the tournament this game corresponded to after this game resulted in a disqualification? The tournament is here:

It has 2 more rounds and has been fun so far! It would be a shame to miss the remaining games as a result of the bug!

It doesn’t look like we moderators are able to reverse a disqualification once it happens. Not sure if @anoek or @GreenAsJade would be able to do anything?


To the best of my knowledge, it is not possible and has never been done.


Okay! Too bad, thank you very much for your replies!

Hi! I seem to have encountered a similar bug after my opponent returned from vacation and the game timed out very shortly afterwards (within minutes) with hours remaining on the clock.

Is it possible to annul or look further into the bug?
Here is the game:

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Not sure if its related, but the notifications for running out of time won’t pause during the vacation

I put myself on vacation last night, now i have bunch of notifcations telling that i dont have any more time left

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 11.55.46


I got. the same problem two times. The last time after the last weekend. After putting my stone I got the time out, although there where still a lot of remaining hours.

Vacation doesn’t work for casual rengo.

It happened with this game, i timed out when my vacation ended with ~11 hours on my clock
Tournament Game: Everything that arises is destined to disappear (97914) R:1 (AlGebr vs 💖 KoBa 💖)

Any chance that could be annulled and the bug fixed?

EDIT: or actually im not sure anymore, could have been a legit timeout too, and i just missed how low i was on time there xD

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