Possible Bug Report: Issues with Open Challenges

:warning: : why do my challenges keep disappearing?
:warning: : also why do my challenge settings keep changing?
:warning: : every so often i’ll notice that whatever challenge i create is not the one i last used, and in fact isn’t any one of my saved settings
:warning: : can someone explain? i must be doing something wrong
:question: : i think with live/blitz challenges, if your internet disconnects even for a millisecond then the challenge disappears
:warning: : it’s really frustrating that i have to just sit here and babysit my challenges
:warning: : lmao and the one time my challenge stays open and is accepted… it’s a setting i don’t want to play
:warning: : what’s going on with OGS? i know it’s not the end of the world but these glitches definitely make it not as fun

This happened in chat on January 6 (names redacted just cause). Is anybody else having similar issues? (I’m not)

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:three: : yes
:three: : please text me how to fix it
:three: : thank you

oh, I guess somebody else is having similar issues :slight_smile:

Sometimes - not very often though - my Handicap=Automatic switches for no apparent reason to Handicap=None.

Maybe adding this current setting would have prevented this, but I never tried that.
(It is not very important for me.)

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And now live game changes into correspondence game.

Maybe related to

In chat, people were saying they are unable to create live games with absolute time settings.

(I asked them to come here and describe it, since I don’t see anything weird happening)

edit: well, one of them refused to come here, the other “had to go”. More than what I said above, I can say one of them said “you only get like 2 min”, meaning (I think) that they could create a live game with absolute time only with less than 2 minutes on the clock.

Can you describe in more detail what your doing and what you’re seeing? There was a change to the underlying time picker code, I’m sure there are some kinks to work out.

When I want to create a challenge, I arrive in the field where game speed = correspondence. I change it to live. Then create a challenge. Play a game.
Next challenge: game speed = correspondence again. Former setting (live) not saved.


Oh, actually that’s happening to me too (OGS not remembering the previous game settings)

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I cannot choose “blitz” with fischer or byo-yomi timing. It just jumps to “live” timesetting


Both failing to remember the game speed and the inability to select certain speeds should be fixed now