Possible Forum Reply Function Bug

Since the new version of OGS appeared, I’ve noticed a marked decline in the number of Forum replies that exhibit the icon, in the upper right, of the person being replied to. None of my replies features the icon since the premiere of the new version, although earlier replies did. I can’t imagine that loads of people are using the wrong reply button; certainly I’m not. On the other hand, some replies do still show the icon–so this may have something to do with the browser rather than the site per se. I’m using the latest Firefox.

I don’t believe the update changed anything about the forums whatsoever. OGS uses software called Discourse for the forums, not anything produced in-house.


Good point, well taken. However, that still leaves the mystery. I’ve looked at a couple dozen new and old threads, and reply icons used to appear more frequently, though not as often as I mistakenly remember, I must admit. One possible explanation that occurred to me is that it might be related to the icons themselves (unique icons versus generic), but I have found every combination once. I have taken to always quoting, if directing a comment to a specific poster, so there will be no misunderstanding.

By the way, I notice your reply above has no reply icon.

Just for understanding: are you speaking of this? (screenshot below)

No, I’m talking about the personal icon that appears in the upper right of the reply panel, indicating to whom the reply is directed. I just tried to copy an example to this message, but it didn’t work. See the thread, “Is using game analysis during the game cheating,” look at Acepoint’s comment, and in the upper right it has the reply arrow with crocrobot’s icon and name, indicating a reply directed to him.

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I believe he is referring to this.

If still functional, a similar designation should appear in the top right of this post, as I replied directly to your post, @trohde.

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Ah, I see, thank you!

That would just depend on where one clicked “Reply”, no? When one has reached the end of the thread and (initially) doesn’t want to quote somebody then it might be tempting to click the blue “Reply” button at the end just because it’s so much more visible, I’d think:

I’ve just figured out that there is no bug: the icon in question appears only when the response is to a post other than the most recent post. The apparent dearth of such icons in recent weeks must be just a statistical fluke (i.e., many more replies directed to the most recent poster rather than earlier posters). I’m terribly sorry for having wasted your time and that of pbgarden. I appreciate the attention y’all gave to what I thought was a genuine anomaly.

It would be appropriate for the moderators to close this thread, I think, as there is nothing more to say on this unfortunate folly.


Ah, no worries—any question asked may also have arisen in others, and thus any answers may also answer their questions :slight_smile: That’s why this happens in a forum and not in private messages :slight_smile:

Thanks for being part of OGS :heart:

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