Possible rating bug?

According to my rating graph, I lost one rating point for winning http://online-go.com/game/788644. Is it a bug?

This has been reported before, it’s something I’m working on… I’ll fix up your rating in just a few

Sorry, I should have searched the forum first. You don’t need to fix my rating, the difference must be tiny.

I noticed I lost another point playing Franzisa in the 9x9 ladder. Actually, I think I’ve been losing 1 point each ladder game I play with kyu players. I like my dan badge…

EDIT: It seems to be an epidemic. I’m noticing lots of players losing points for winning, especially against random bot.

I’ve noticed that my rating in my profile is always 1 point less than the rating shown in the chart, so what if everyone just got an extra point for each win? (I suppose a loss should likewise result in 1 extra point taken away.) Maybe then the rating in the chart would match the rating in the profile.

p.s. :hankey: lol.

I just had this situation happening to me. I won a game against a player slightly weaker than me and I lost rating points on both my global and slow game ratings. This is strange.

Is it normal to have +0 rating points sometimes?

https://online-go.com/game/5268078 won
https://online-go.com/game/5268546 lost

Maybe because they have provisional accounts.

wildstone: Looking at your rating graph, it seems to me your ratings actually didn’t change - which doesn’t make sense to me either. Apparently ardeleanul is and was not provisional (his/her previous game changed the rating of his/her previous opponent). I’m not quite sure the graphs can be trusted.

50_kyu: Yes, it’s because they have provisional accounts. You can see it by looking at their profiles.