Possible to display stones on board for each player instead of captures for area counting rules?

For games with area counting rulesets (Chinese, AGA, NZ etc), would it be possible to display “stones” on the board for each player instead of “captures”? I understand if this is low priority, but I find it would be a beautiful thing to implement :slight_smile: (Seeing as it is something that is already calculated by the site and displayed in the final count later on)


I like this idea since it is both more appropriate for the typical wording of area rules and might bring more attention to how counting prisoners vs stones complement each other.

Maybe for Ing rules, the site could count the number of stones remaining in the bowl :wink:


Black = ceil(move_number / 2)
White = floor(move_number /2)

Unless one player passed while the other keeps playing, I don’t see the point in counting stones.

Stones on the board, not stones played. Captured stones are taken off the board. As I’ve said, the site already counts this and displays it at the end of the game.

Adding stones on the board to each player’s territory is how you count under area scoring. Subtracting captures from each player’s territory is how you count under territory scoring. The result is the same.


I don’t understand.
Are you talking about the numbers?
Or would you actually place stones on the board?

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I believe OP is only talking about the capture counts under each player’s name, and suggesting that for area scoring rules, these capture count be replaced by a count of the stones on the board.