Possible Tournament Bug?

I just played a tournament (Live 9x9 Double Elimination Tournament 2022-01-28 10:30)
and was expecting to get the 3rd place trophy.
For some reason that I can’t understand, another player got it instead.
I wonder if this is a bug or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for any answer.


It looks like a bug, you should have indeed finished 3rd. Weirdly the player who got the trophy for 3rd did lose against you by timeout on round 4, i have no idea why that happened xD

i think @anoek is the only one who can fix those trophies, and he prolly wants to take a proper look at what caused that >__>


Ok, cool. I am glad i didn’t misunderstand something.
Thanks for your answer.


Perhaps off-topic, but even some tournament formats are bugged. ~.~. Why wasn’t I ever paired with “bruh”? Slide pairing seems borked.

I just finished another tournament (Live 9x9 Double Elimination Tournament 2022-02-01 18:30)
This time i got a medal that i didn’t deserve (at least i don’t think so).
Pointing it out maybe helps figuring out what is going wrong?


Am I seeing this right? You lost three games in a double elimination tournament?

One is a bye


Ahhh, I always get thrown off by how close the byes are drawn.


However, losing three times in a double elimination tournament is not impossible, once I had three games at the same time (instead of one).


If mookie2000 resigned from the tournament then @monsterkodi seems to be the second-ranked player in the winners’ bracket. Maybe that’s how you get 2nd place.

And there wasn’t a final match since everyone else was already eliminated?

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After looking at it again, i am not so sure anymore that the trophy calculation in Live 9x9 Double Elimination Tournament 2022-02-01 18:30 was wrong.

I assume that mookie2000 did resign from the tournament.
Joltik98 and me had the same amount of wins, losses and byes.
Maybe in that case the final score depends on the result of the individual games?

It still feels weird though, that someone who was still playing at a later stage got a lesser trophy.

Can you please explain that? What is the winners’ bracket?

This is another tournament with a (this time obviously broken) trophy assignement:

GoTime got 3 wins, and only one loss and didn’t even get any trophy.
I got 1 win and 2 losses and got 3rd place. This is definitely not right in my opinion.

edit: false report, see below:


This is normal. If you lose a game by timeout before playing a move (like GoTime did in the final) you are disqualified.


Thanks Sofiam!
That makes sense.
I will check that issue in the future before reporting again :slight_smile:


You had 1 win and 1 bye, for a total of 2 points; Joltik98 had 2 wins and 1 bye, which would be 3 points, right? So it must not be about overall points.

The top part of the tournament is called the winners’ bracket - I was guessing that it awards 2nd place to the top player based on the results in that part. Normally that’s the winner of the final match, but in this case there was no final match, and you were ahead of Joltik98 on the top.

But look! I’m wrong:

In both this tournament and yours the 2nd place winner had beaten the 3rd place winner in a match. So maybe that has something to do with it?

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Thanks @Feijoa for the explanation and for correcting me!

The tournament you posted looks intersting as well. I checked that inbetween got disqualified due to timeout in the last game. The question to me is then, what happened to Christoph_R. Maybe he resigned actively from the tournament? If that was the case then the final trophy assignment would make sense to me.

I will try to find the code on github. Maybe I can figure something out that way.

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I think i found the code, but I can’t figure out how it works ;(
I guess I have to give up trying to understand the whole thing.

Even if the whole process is doing what it is intended to do,
I think it would be nice to highlight the annulated games due to timeout in the tree somehow.
That might make it a bit more transparent what is going on.

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What did you find? Can you post a link? I assumed it was all computed on the server, which is not public code.

By the way, here’s an example where third place went to a player who timed out:

I agree that it would be helpful if we could see the resignations and disqualifications somewhere, like with most other tournament types.

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That might explain why I can’t figure it out :slight_smile:

I was looking at this file: