Potential4Life vs ssx: bug?


I started a game in real time with Potential4Life. We have suspended the time because we were not able to play in real time, so, we continued our game until that we saw that the game was canceled.
Here is the game: http://online-go.com/game/654873
We have played a friendly match.
can we have some help to know why it’s happen, please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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We have implemented a new system by which if a live game has been paused for a month we will draw the game as abandoned if not unpaused for a month (it started on June 13th).

Would it be possible to change the time settings for a game by mutual agreement of the players involved? For example, converting a live game to a correspondence game, if the players can’t finish it live but don’t want to abandon it.

I suppose forking the game would be one way to accomplish this, but that would leave the original game behind. Would it be possible to annul a game (that had already progressed beyond the early moves) by mutual agreement of the players involved?

I understand the point of view of Matburt: Sometimes, we play against players in real time and ask to suspend the time and, finally, they never come back. I think it’s for that that this system exists.

So, i agree with yebellz too because there are games which could be continued.

Thanks for your answer :smiley: