Premier Tournoi!

There must be a bug with this tournament. I have won it but I cannot look at the tournament. The player huron, who has created the group “Chez Loïc” has tried a couple of tmes to get this listing open. But he had no success. I and among me 2 other players from this tournament tried to get access to the group “Chez Loïc” without success.
It is the first tournament which I have won and I have won 2 games against much higher rated players. So you can imagine how proud I am. But nobody can look at this tournament.
Moreover the symbol for the cup did not show up. Could you please be so kind and sttle this matter. Probably there is a bug in the tournament.

Hi slowfox,

the trophy will show with the next tournament update that matburt is preparing at the moment. It’s a missing image issue. I can’t give out a date yet, but it’s not too far away.

The tournament is a private tournament, and the group director has decided to not show it to the public. Only huron can change it in the group settings. This is the link for him: