Preview/beta test... popup help for new users (challenge-link guests)

Hi All,

Beta now has a new addition: popup help for new users.

There’s currently only one “flow” of popup help, which shows new users that accepted a challenge on a challenge link how to set their password and username

This is what it now looks like when a new user arrives after accepting the challenge link challenge:

If they click “Don’t show me these” then they won’t ever get annoying help popups again (unless they turn them on again in settings).

If they click “skip” then it will stop trying to show them how to set their password (unless they turn that on again in settings).

If they click the highlighted area (their name) then another popup will show them what to click next… etc

So you can try this on Beta by creating a challenge link and (with a logged out browser) accepting it.


Note: the flow is not quite perfect for mobile - there’s one screen that is remarkably difficult to annotate with a popup, so they just have to work out that step for themselves!


The only things I noticed are that it does not start if the honoured guest registers with a rengo game and from a certain attempt onwards (but not in the first few) I would see the first two pop-ups together.


Right - I forgot to mention (and had pushed to the back of my mind) that rengo guests need a different treatment, because when they arrive they need to be told “you have joined this challenge, and it will start when…”

… I better do them :slight_smile:

I’ll look into “the first two popups together”. Can you describe how you get that to happen: is it a result of logging in and out numerous times on the browser, and accepting new challenges to log in again?

Could you post a screenshot?

Note: if you are on the “settings” page, and you re-activate the “help flow”, then you will see the popup that relates to the settings left menu as well as the one that points to the start of the flow … because you are already on the page where that popup is relevant.



This is from a few hours ago

And this now

Clicking on “skip” removes both of them.

I don’t see the last part (about changing nick) anymore, but I guess it’s voluntary since you can do it from the settings now :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry I skipped this:

Some hours ago I started to see some of them after some attempts. Now at the second time. The first time it was good, but maybe the second one should be a bit higher

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Mmm - that’s a bug.

Yeah - I think that’s the result of the recent tweak that made things blue, can fix that.

I wonder if maybe the “things appearing in the wrong place” are also a result of that - it’s quite possible (@anoek is working on other stuff in parallel to this).

Is there any chance of replacing those screenshots with one that shows the Nav Bar? IE “the whole of OGS display”?

Right … and this is “logging out and accepting a new challenge as a new guest” right?



Like this?

And this (after closing the left menu) looks beautiful :)

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Thanks - yes, so we can see that the top left one is “working correctly”, it is adjacent to the item it’s talking about.

The bottom one is a rogue, I will deal with him :japanese_ogre:

(I’m pretty sure that what is happening is that the first user you had didn’t complete the flow, so the browser has stored that popup as “active”, then the second user comes along and reactivates the flow, so now you have two active)


Well that turned out to be more like a Balrog than a rogue, but at last the fix in for review.


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