PrideGo scholarship program + October Open tournament registration

UPDATE: the PrideGo Open will be on Sunday the October 10th! Registration closes Thursday the 7th, but there’s a chance we’ll close registration early since it’s filled up faster than we expected. 40 people are currently registered to play, and we’ll accept at least 10 more players.

The schedule for the AGA broadcast is as follows (all times are in Eastern time [UTC-4]):
Noon EST: Opening ceremony (games start)
12:30pm EST: First round commentary begins with Vadim from Go Magic.
2:30pm EST: Round 2 games start, brief break from game commentary
3pm EST: Second round commentary begins with LionGuySai (a.k.a. Sathya Singh)
5pm EST: Round 3 games start, brief break from game commentary
5:15pm EST: Round 3 game commentary begins with Dwyrin.

Not a part of the tournament broadcast, but worth mentioning is that Redmond’s next AlphaGo talk will happen almost immediately after the tournament broadcast ends, so it will be a jam-packed day of AGA broadcasts!

/End update; below is the original post

Hi all! I’m super excited to announce the PrideGo program, a Go Congress scholarship for members of LGBT+ communities ages 13-22. Each scholarship will be $400 towards the cost of the recipient’s next AGA Go Congress. Applicants 18+ must be students to be eligible.

You can find all relevant information at

October Open Tournament registration

Our first fundraiser tournament for the scholarship program will be held on Sunday, October 10, during LGBT History Month.

Prizes - Artem is generously providing digital subscriptions to the European e-Journal as prizes for the top places: 6 months, 4 months, and 2 months, respectively.

The tournament is FREE to participate and to be eligible for prizes. We only ask that participants consider donating or spreading the word about our cause! That being said, no record will be kept of whether players contribute monetarily.

The format of the tournament will be a McMahon Open (this may be subject to change, depending on the number of participants). Time controls will be 45mins+3x30s. We’ll use for matching, but please register beforehand using the Google Form if you would like to participate. Registration closes Thursday night before the event. I will be available all day on Saturday beforehand to walk participants through using

Huge shoutout to @ParisaBM for handling the code for the website, as well as to @kira.ananta for hosting the site on her servers.


Sign up guys, it’s gonna be great!

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So the october open will be held next sunday? \o/

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Yup! Guess I should update the post, huh? :sweat_smile: