Private game notes and Notes on Players

Two feature requests

(1) Ability to save private, non-malkovich notes with a game.
(2) Ability to save private notes on opponents. Maybe viewable when looking at profile? Maybe there would be some visible indication on the game page that I have saved a note about this player?


Both good ideas that have come up before, bump noted.


I’m interested in having player notes, where, when I play a player, I can note certain styles or characteristic moves they make and save them so that the next time I play that individual, the notes that I have previously made appear.


Finally \o/

Awesome to finally have private notes!


Are you saying we have private notes now!? :partying_face:

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Checked and yes. Awesome (click on name, usual pop up with note option added)

But it’s the notes on players right? I don’t think I’ve seen private game notes, other than the malkovich log, which was the other half of the OP :slight_smile:

It’s still a cool update.

@Groin - Ah yes, I see it now. Thanks

@shinuito - Indeed, private player notes only :smiley: no private game note yet :slightly_frowning_face: I would find the latter more useful but Malkovitch is good enough for now :+1: Private game notes better than Malkovitch because I wouldn’t want opponents working out my strategies for the next game by reading my Malkovitch notes after the previous game :wink: (1. As if anyone would bother to do that. 2. This assumes that my strategies are good, which often they are not :rofl: )


Game notes next I guess.


You could put private game notes in the player notes of your opponent.

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Indeed, that seems to me like a pretty practical workaround, limited only in the case that you are playing that person more than one game at a time.

Meanwhile, what should the interface to private game notes actually be?

(I had envisaged them as being another class of chat, like Malkovitch)

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Yeah, adding another item to the chat class selection makes sense.

I think I’ve only rarely had more than one game at the same time against another player. However, with two or more games, I would just note the game ID.

I don’t mean to discourage or dismiss the feature improvement for adding game notes. I definitely think that’s a nice feature that should be added, but hopefully some might find this work around suggestion helpful in the meantime.

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Yeah - I think the “correct” answer is that private game notes are integrated inline with chat.

Unfortunately, that’s not amenable to implementation separately in the client.

At the very least, I think we’d want them “turn aware” … IE annotated with what the turn is when they are written. Would it be worth implementing a separate feature for that? Not sure… if we did, where would we put it, what would it look like?

Why is that? Is there a technical reason preventing adding another class of game chat?

Currently, clicking on the button toggles between regular chat and Malkovic. Would it not be possible to have that button just toggle between three types, with another color coding to clarify?

Yes, that is totally “possible”, but requires back-end chat-server support to implement, because chat is rendered with a live-feed from the server.

In contrast, standalone notes can be implemented using the new “key-value-pair store”, because that would not require any cooperation from the back end server… this is the “newfound power” granted to us by this new feature.

(Actually, pedantically, it might be feasible to interleave new standalone notes with server-supplied chat, but it would be a complete nightmare).

Well, I guess there is a UX design question to be considered, of whether it would be better to have the private game notes interleaved with the game chat and Malkovic logs, or if it should be presented in some other interface.

I personally prefer the former, but it seems that you are saying that the best way to implement that would require further back-end support, rather than a more cumbersome hack.

Since the new player notes feature itself required and brought about a new back-end feature (the “key-value-pair store”), maybe it is not entirely out of the question to consider a back-end chat server change to support the private game notes?

It’s a return on investment thing. The key-value-store was (in theory :smiley: ) a simple addition that enables many things.

Adding a private-notes to the chat server would be possibly non-simple effort for a point solution only…

Having private game notes that are not part of chat is OK IMO if that makes for easier implementation. On DGS the private game notes are not linked to moves and that works fine, althought I often note the move number when I make a note. This feels like a less onerous workaround than putting private game notes in privat player notes.


We now have private game notes. You have to click on the chat mode button twice to access it.



Very cool :slight_smile: