Private games shared with group members [solved]

it might be a nice idea to be able to share kifu as restricted access, making members of a set group able to access an otherwise private kifu. This would also be neat in the SGF Library, to have option to have a collection of games with group level access.

This might be a bit tricky to implement, but thought it was worth mentioning nevertheless :blush:


This is already possible!
When playing a private game you can click “access settings” in the right hand slide-out panel and grant access to certain players or groups :wink:


Oh wow, thanks :slight_smile: I hadn’t created a private game in a while to avoid not being able to share, I should have checked this before making the post.

seems I just have to recreate my demo game as a semi private demo game and add the variations ^^

PS; still would be cool with sgf collections in group mode, they might even be displayed in the group profile as a group collection :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just additional discovery; in sgf collections you can’t change it at all once you set access to restricted, sealing the whole collection, would have to uplpoad again, it might be worth having a look at in time methinks.