Private threads?

Is it possible to create private threads in the forum?

I’m working on future PrideGo events and fundraisers. We primarily use Discord to discuss and organize, but Discord just went down right now, and since this has been a common occurrence recently, I’m realizing that we need either a backup or more reliable space to organize altogether.

I’d much prefer not to add yet another platform like Slack, but I suppose this is an option if all else fails.

I like the forum organization here, but it would be inconvenient if the thread keeps getting off-topic trollish comments. So, a private thread would be more or less ideal. I thought of using OGS groups, but they don’t have nearly as robust discussion features as the forums.

I’m open to other solutions as well, if anybody has any ideas.


You can create private messages. Check it out.


Want to add that private message can be sent to more as one (and even groups like moderators but i think it’s not functional other than that group )


You can send private messages to yourself to accomplish this, and you can even bookmark those threads for reference.

You can also incrementally add people to those private messages, if you want to later add collaborators.

If desired, you can also later convert a private message thread into a public thread, with help from the moderators. Of course, for privacy, we would first seek consent from everyone that participated in that private message thread before doing so.

Also, moderators cannot read other people’s private message threads, unless specifically added.


Sweet thanks y’all! Turns out the forums have more options than I’d known. I didn’t realize group messages were a thing. This is extremely pog


Someone missed our Werewolf Games series I see. :stuck_out_tongue:


I… Sorry the what now? :sweat_smile:

We played some Werewolf (mafia) games in the forums, and basically most of us became pros with certain forum functions, like private threads, so we could play the game. :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to kick people from private message threads?

I’m thinking about just making a link invite, but only want to do that if it’s possible to kick people who aren’t supposed to be there.

Edit: oh “add or remove” - i assume this means the answer to my question is “yes”. I can totally read instructions sometimes

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It’s like a email. Put whoever you want at each message.