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Hi there everyone,

As mentioned a little while ago, I said I was going to start posting up some Pro games, whether they be new, or old Pro games. I have begun doing just that, and have created a group, and indeed made the first upload on to the group.

the group is called “Pro Archive”, and the first game uploaded is a fan fav, and personally one of the best games historically speaking… The Ear Reddening game.

Honinbo Shusaku VS Genan Inseki. [Links Below]

Pro Archive

The Ear Reddening Game

If anyone is interested in seeing a particular game on the group I have made, comment below, send me a message either here on the forums, or on the OGS site.

I hope you all enjoy and find use in this.


There is a new Game in the Pro Archive.

Lee Sedol’s “The Ladder Game” [23/04/2003]

Links below:

Pro Archive

The Ladder Game

I hope you all enjoy the game, and remember, if you want a specific game in the archive, please let me know, and I shall see what I can do.

Also, feel free to join the group for further updates when they come around.

Thanks for reading.

There is a new game in the Pro Archive.

The Blood Vomiting Game <> [13/08/1835] <> Akaboshi Intetsu Vs Honinbo Jowa

Pro Archive

The Blood Vomiting Game

Learn more about this game Here.

I hope you all enjoy. This was a particularly interesting game, just because of the history behind the game and the players itself. I strongly encorage you all to give the history of this game even a cursory glance as it is very interesting.

Thank you.

There is a new game in the Pro Archive.

Korean Baduk Legend League<> [14/02/2016] <> Cho Chikun 9p vs. Lee Changho 9p

Pro Archive

Korean Baduk Legend League [14/02/2016]

I hope you all enjoy this game. I chose it because it is a game between to of my absolute favorite players.

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